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Greece / John Michael

Greece / John Michael
  • Name: John Michael
  • Country: Greece, Athens
  • Federation: PDC
  • Age: 41
  • Darts:  John Michael darts One80 – 23 gramm
  • Ranking: PDC –  157, WDF – 52
  • Career earnings: 35,000 GBP
  • Results:  BDO World Championship 2014 – last 40, PDC Worls Championship 2015 – last 64, Winmau World Masters 2013 – last 32, European Championship PDC  2011- last 32, Malta open winner, Austrian open winner, Cyprus open winner, Greece open winner,


What type of darts you play?

One80 darts , 23 gr with a reflex point and my signature.

Where do you live?

Athens Greece.

How old are you?


What is your job outside darts? How difficult is work and play dart?

I am a farrier. It is very diffucult cause my job is too hard. I wish i could play only darts!


Do you have any sponsors?

My sponsors are: One80,, othersportnews and snack titan in Germany.

       „To become what i love, a  profesional darts player“


How many hours you practice a day ?

I practice two hours a day.


What do you expect at PDC World Darts Campionship in London this year?

I will do my best and i hope to give a good perfomance. I have big expectetions for PDC tournament and with some luck i believe i ll keep going up to the top games.


If you will reach in PDC world championship first round you will play against James Wade, what do you think about this draw?

I like this draw and i believe that the play against Wade it will be a great game.


Name players you three players you played in past? Why did you choosed this players?

Raymond van Barneveld, because he is one of the best players in the World.

Phil Taylor because he is a great legend of darts history.

Andy Smith.I played with him in my debut in PDC. He is very nice guy.


Are there any diferences between PDC and BDO tour?

PDC has more televised events than BDO. Also PDC is more organised with the sponsors and of course it has much more funs than  BDO.


What about the darts in Greece ( number of players, league, tradition, Greece open )?

Around the Greece they are about 700 players split it into teams and thats why they give more efort to their teams than singles.

Greek and Hellinikon open are postponed, because of manage problems and up to now we dont have any other information for these.


How expensive is for you take a part of one weekend of PDC european tour?

It cost me around 1000 eur…


What about South Europe qualify PDC tournamentv for World Campionship this year in Spain?

It was very hard and tired tournament. Just imagine that i played with non stop 15 hours with a hight level players. Spanish players are very good darts players and the spain tournament is one of the most difficult and hard qualify PDC tournaments.


Did you hit 9 darter in BDO or PDC tournaments ?

In Dutch open practice room!!!!


Your biggest game ever?

European championship in 2011 with Phill Taylor.


Did you have any controversial situation during the match?

No never.


Your motivation for the future?

To become what i love, a  profesional darts player.


Article: Roman Zvara     Picture: Jan Smid

European Darts Championship  PDC 2011:

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